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BVG provides high-growth entrepreneurs the funding, experience and relationships that fuel success.

BVG is an investment, incubation and acceleration group comprised of seven extremely successful veteran entrepreneurs, with combined revenues of over two-billion dollars, highly skilled in building, developing and accelerating businesses.

We believe an entrepreneur with a bold vision, relentless drive and intense conviction, partnered with seasoned experience, capital and key relationships is the perfect match for strategic business growth.

Depending On The Investment...

BVG gives companies access to funding, key relationships, operations and leadership development, as well as experienced mentorship, accelerating them to market leadership.

We mentor and coach the entrepreneurs in whom we invest, serve on their boards, provide contacts and assist with team building, strategic planning and financing.

All seven BVG investors are "in-the-trenches" every day, building, acquiring, and selling our own companies. We believe in growing brands based on firsthand experience, not by theory.

Our years of "trial by fire" experience has enabled us to predictably grow companies, expand reach, and exit for top dollar.

We're looking for companies with a solid proof of concept whose potential we can help maximize.


BVG is primarily focused on Seed + companies with strong teams, proprietary technology, and big markets. The company should have at least $1MM in sales to date, been in business for at least 1-year, and extensive customer discovery. The process is competitive thus the more traction you have the stronger your chances.

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  • Relationships


Must be able to grow to a $10+ million-dollar company within 2-5 years.


We are interested in companies driven by energetic, talented teams. We particularly look for a track-record of successful performance and leadership, and a passionate commitment to your vision. The team should have proven experience in their industry.


We invest in companies focused on a large market opportunity with sufficient untapped potential. Your strategy must reflect a realistic approach to its potential to capture a significant share of your target market.


Your company should have progressed beyond product proof-of-concept to clearly demonstrate feasibility.


Your company should be able to demonstrate its key value proposition and competitive advantage, as well as possess proprietary assets, intellectual property or processes that distinguish it from its competitors.


Your company should have a scalable business design with solid prospects for rapid growth, and a clear strategy for generating profits, and managing revenue sources effectively.


We are looking for companies working toward compelling and defendable market differentiation. Your company should be focused on developing a strong business presence and establishing clear dominance in your market.


We are interested in companies pursuing marketing and sales strategies based on a keen understanding of their customer base. At a minimum, you must know WHO your customers are, WHAT their needs are, and HOW to reach them.


You should be realistic about your financing plan to fund growth toward profitability. Your company should have a clear, actionable plan and a realistic forecast of revenue projections under different conditions to predict likely outcomes.


Your company should be open to an exit strategy that provides strong returns. Because early-stage investment has a significant level of risk, our members look for a promising return within a defined period, with a clearly defined exit strategy.


BVG charges no fees from presenting companies. If you are invited to present at a Boardroom Meeting, your deck will be privately forwarded to each of the seven expert investors, each of whom has built, acquired, and sold multi-million-dollar companies in various industries ranging from Eco, Real Estate, Advertising, Health, Insurance, Entertainment, Industrial, Branding, Retail, and more. BVG closely reviews investment opportunities each month and selects up to 8 for an invitation to a Boardroom Meeting, held on the last Tuesday of the month. The seven investors ask clarification questions about the company for up to 30 minutes to better understand the printed material before making a decision on moving forward.


BVG members invest directly; they collaborate in the due diligence but make individual investment decisions. Within a week of a presentation, companies presenting to BVG are scheduled for a follow up meeting with interested members to start due diligence. This also provides an opportunity for an organized syndicate to be formed for the purpose of evaluating the company, discussing a set of terms, and executing an investment.

If you meet that initial criteria, we encourage you to click here to APPLY NOW.

BVG Founding Members

Chris Guerriero

Chris Guerriero

Chris has built four 8-figure companies, developed winning leadership teams, and designed business systems that predictably grow brands. With an extensive track record in online/offline innovative marketing, customer retention, mergers and acquisitions, structuring and closing deals, and raising capital, Chris is connected with most of the big players online and an early-stage investor, advisor and equity holder in companies across a variety of industries, including health, medical, digital advertising, legal and real estate. He has been featured in financial periodicals such as: Success, Inc, Bloomberg TV, and in Entrepreneur.

Lee Jorge

Lee Jorge

Lee is the founder of multiple top-rated financial service companies and an active investor for over 25 years in industries such as insurance, surety bonding, employee benefits, technology, hospitality and real estate. He is a growth oriented, problem solver with the ability to use his network and resources to successfully build and sell businesses. He enjoys mentoring young entrepreneurs and analyzing companies for adoption of best practices and regulatory compliance. Currently, Lee is focused on innovative companies with social conscious causes that have the potential to scale.

Kurt Padavano

Kurt Padavano

Kurt Padavano has over 30 years’ experience as the operating partner in a $1B enterprise, orchestrating complex deals valued in the hundreds of millions of dollars each. With heavy knowledge of commercial real estate, asset management and repositioning, insurance and risk management, debt restructuring, human resources, construction management, and environmental matters. He has been an adjunct professor at Harvard University and Columbia University. He is an Advisory Board member at Morristown Medical Center and Seton Hall Stillman School of Business. He holds degrees from Pennsylvania State University and Harvard University.

Alex Goen

Alex Goen

Alex has taken companies from concept to international brand recognition multiple times. An expert at team building at every stage of development from hire 1 to hire 1,001, he’s built teams and cultures that have dominated industries throughout the nutraceuticals, media, and education frameworks. A strategic investor, Alex now invests heavily in stocks, privately held companies, and his own portfolio of businesses. Alex has been featured on TV and in magazines including Access Online, Larry King Live, and Dr Phil.

Tom Patania

Tom Patania

Tom Patania built three successful companies before he was 18, and currently owns/manages a portfolio of four brands. With a strong understanding of the B-to-B and B-to-C marketplace and a strong focus in the entertainment industry, Tom has deep-rooted expertise in partnership development, marketing, risk management, retail sales and brand growth. Tom is a graduate of MIT Entrepreneur program and an active board member/advisor to numerous causes including the NJ EO, and the National Association of Ticket Brokers.

Paul Errigo

Paul Errigo

Paul has over 25 years experience starting, operating and exiting companies. Having launched, scaled and sold companies in the Accounts Receivables field and the food industry, he is currently Founder and CEO of a social/eco umbrella of companies. His focus on Business and Relationship Development has created an extensive network of C-level contacts and connections throughout the business world. Paul is the Chairman of Rock for Hope and a Board member at Bridge Women’s Center. He has been recognized and featured in dozens of media outlets, including the cover of Crain’s magazine.

Bob Gallo

Bob Gallo

Bob’s deep background in the financial world has been the foundation to a string of successful companies across industries such as mobile shredding and recycling, country clubs, real estate, restaurants, events, sleep diagnostics, energy and construction. Currently the co-founder of a textiles company, Bob invests his spare time into studying and investing in Start-Up and Seed + companies.

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If you're looking for a handout, we're not right for you. Every company we fund is a personal mission to scale.

  • The founders of BVG have been meeting once a month, focused on growing our companies for over two decades.
  • The culture, success and growth of every organization we have a part in, gets access to our EXPERIENCE, systems, strategies for development, and personal leadership and CEO coaching.
  • FUNDING is a vital step, but the right RELATIONSHIPS can open doors that ignite 10-1,000x more growth than just the cash infusion.

Boardroom Venture Group provides high-growth entrepreneurs the funding, experience and relationships that fuels success.